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My week of uninhibited sexiness has finally come to a close! Very tired but it really was a blast. As most of you know I have the most viewed video on Pornhub for 2017 and they invited me to come and represent them at their booth in the 2018 AVN Expo at the HardRock in Las Vegas. SOOOOO many of you came to see me, I was getting recognized at all sorts of places, even my taxi driver knew who I was! That's fun times. I was here Thursday to Sunday and worked the booth at IwantClips first on thursday at noon to 4pm and then Pornhub from 4pm to 8pm, Friday just Pornhubs booth 4pm-8, and again Saturday noon to 4pm. Got to hang out with some great girls and of course saw all the big stars in the industry walking around. Got lots of work offers from producers who have no idea that I work only for myself except on rare occasions, but I did meet some people that may be helping me expand my little empire far beyond where it currently exists, and I'm pretty excited about that, more info later! I'm going to post a bunch of pics I took, and had taken for me, in the photo section for members, but if you aren't a member there are a few of them on my twitter @yourmandygirl..... but why wouldn't you join up, really?! Me and Ceara Lynch With Haighlee Dallas With Ashley Alban With Lindsey Love

Oh geez I finally got home, and it is FUCKING COLD!!!! LOL I think I will survive :) I really hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas/holiday however you celebrate and for whatever reason. I had a great time in Florida with my family, seeing some I hadn't seen in years. The weather was incredible, and it sure made me think about moving there when I realized I was standing in the ocean on December 24th and not even close to getting goosebumps! :) Maybe I will. You guys like that little gif with me babying my little Kia Soul? Funny video, the guy who ordered it wanted me to treat the car like I was really in love with it, like a pet dog or something, talking to it and giving it kisses LOL I love those Christmas Pics but it is time for me to do some new ones! Just like my Seahawks pics, definitely need new ones. The website is just about done, some of you will see in the next few days that if you type in it is completely different. Hope everyone loves it as much as I do. Been adding a bunch of content while I was gone, work follows me everywhere :) As far as that Fleshlight/Clone a pussy deal I have been looking at some options and been approached by some 3rd parties, but like Ban said, I gotta be sure that third party is really going to benefit me before I split revenue with them. I know I'm a hard ass! LOL Really looking forward to this next year and seeing where things go! Alright, that's some of the latest! Thanks you guys for all the support throughout the year and in the OCSM of the week thread too. I just tied up Masumi and I for the year end contest with my vote. Would be more than fair if she won this though, she has been very active this year!

As many of you might already know I finally decided to take the plunge and shoot with a major porn production company. It went really smooth, they were very nice and professional about everything. The first video was shot with my hubby and Miss Kimber Lee, who did an awesome job making our first time shooting with another girl a great experience! The next shoot was him and I doing an anal semi-taboo (he played my boyfriends father). The next day I shot a girl girl video with Sophia Leone for Reality Kings in Ft Lauderdale :) She was also great to work with and the shoot went really smooth. Went back and shot with Mofos one more time in December for another semi taboo shoot where I am blowing my stepson behind his dads back! Good times.

It's here!!

Well it is finally here, my upgraded and mobile friendly version of! I've spent a ton of money on it, got a dedicated server, for those of you that have been members before you should see quite an improvement in speed and load times. 2017 has been a great year for me, and there is a lot on the horizon still to come in the couple months left. As always nearly all of my videos are custom orders, (like the one above) that means it was made for a specific individual who paid to have it made by me. They tend to average between $175 and $350 for a ten minute video depending on content and difficulty. Many of these picture sets on the site are also specific ordered sets. Feel free to email me if you decide you want to treat yourself and get your very own Mandy Masterpiece!