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7 Day Stroking Game

Added: 03/16/2024 l Length: 14:27 l



Its finally stroke day. In fact, this is 7 days of stroking but whether you get to release or not is all in the cards favor. Im not going to say how much or how little you will be stroking to a full release, or if you will be denied every game. So come on, sit down and beg like the good little pups you are so I will unlock you and play the stroke game of chance. Flores. The rules are as follows. I will shuffle a deck of cards and work through them one by one. Red cards mean stop stroking. Black cards mean start stroking. Jokers mean game over with orgasm denied. King means you have 10 seconds to cum from the time I draw the card. Mandy. I work through the card deck until I reach either a joker or king. Will each game end with the pleasure of orgasm or the pain of blue balls.