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A Very Unprofessional Psychologist

Added: 02/24/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



Custom request. POV. You are the sexy female psychologist and I am your male patient. I have been referred to you by a female friend of yours mainly because I keep thinking about sex I and am so horny and I need to concentrate more on other things. She says my preoccupation with sex is detrimental to my career so she thought you may be able to be some help and so sent me to you. However, little do I know it, you like to really mess with men like me and tease the hell out of them, you love to show teasing skin, and smile and talk in a very provocative way, with lots of sexy eye contact, always continually keeping patients like me in a state of continual arousal and possibly worsening our symptoms, and thus continuing to receive our visits. You can sense within a few minutes that I too will be under your powerful sexual attraction.