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Alpha Domination

Added: 02/14/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



(Custom Request) You are a nice, sweet girlfriend but frustrated that I'm waiting til marriage to have sex. So u bring me to your ex (to scratch that itch)...he is more than happy to and he is an alpha who gets off on humiliating others. So he starts with the humiliating and u kind of go through a transformation...u start all shy, trying to stop him from doing it and by the end u are just as alpha/dominant as he is while he fucks u. So it would start off with u two standing there. He is an asshole throughout the video. Very alpha...u start out the video feeling bad and sorry for me. "aww babe I'm sorry, u don't have to be here for this." And he gets mad and tells me I need to stay and watch this. - he is forceful with u...grabbing u, spinning u around, makes u put your ass in my face. He makes me kiss it goodbye...makes me sniff it one last time. You say something like "awe don't make him do that - that's humiliating." He says it's only the beginning. - he makes you take the jeans down, and he grabs the back of your panties and yanks them out real hard. Then he takes the camera (my face) and makes me sniff your ass like that. He says he isn't fucking your ass if it smells. I have to be honest because if it turns out I'm lying he's going to kick my ass. - when he makes me admit that my girlfriends ass smells...he lets go of the panties and snaps them back...then he pulls them down with one hand below the ass. He makes you hold open your ass and shoves my face in it. - u start talking about how bad u feel, but start laughing a bit too. - when your ass is ready to fuck, he makes you pull down his pants and get him hard...while u get him hard, he makes you hold his ass open...I have to tongue his ass while u hold it open. While he is rude to us both, u glance around him every now and then and try to hold in the laughter. - when he is nice and hard, he has u lay on a stool - ass up, pants around your ankles. He puts his dick up to the camera and has me beg it to please u - when he starts fucking your ass, he is videotaping it. Showing your face, pulling out every now and then...making me sniff my girlfriends ass on his dick. Now u start giving me orders "put his face down at my asshole". Maybe fart if u can. Finally he cums in your ass. When he pulls out u both make me worship his dick...u make me thank it for pleasing u. And he shoves my face back into your ass so u can fart the cum into my face! And make me lick it up.