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Anal Surprise

Added: 08/31/2023 l Length: 14:27 l


So you wanted to feel what it would be like to fuck me POV? I'm naked and waiting for you in my bed. I'm horny for you cock, we have not had sex for weeks! I still tease you a little first, getting things hot, and then spread my legs, revealing my wet pussy and ask you how much do you want to fuck me. The camera moves to focus on your face and bust which gives an intimate illusion that you are fucking me. You fuck me with your hard cock and moan how I want it baby. After awhile you pull your drenched cock out of my pussy and I desperately tell you to hurry get back inside. You go to plunge it back into my pussy, but oops! You entered the wrong hole! You see my face in shock as I feel you squeeze into my tight ass. Do I like it? Does it hurt? I do plead as it does feel very uncomfortable at first but you are easy and I begin to enjoy it. Soon you are exploding jizz deep inside me.