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Aunt Mandys Christmas Surprise

Added: 11/22/2023 l Length: 14:27 l



Custom video request: POV It's the winter holidays! My family is having a big family reunion and we rented out a big house so that all the relatives can spend time together for that weekend. This means that all my cousins, aunts, and uncles were here for the big get-together as well. I'm usually the youngest one at these family gatherings so everyone is very good to me. But my favorite was always you, my aunt. You always give me the biggest, tightest hugs and so many kisses on my cheeks. You treat me a little better than everyone else (sometimes even more than my own mother.) Anyway, it was late at night and some of us were playing hide and seek around the house. With such a big house, I have so many places I could choose to hide. So I end up finding the perfect spot within a dark closet inside a big bathroom. No one is going to find me here! Suddenly, I see the light outside the bathroom closet flicker on. I see my favorite new aunt (she just married my uncle) stumble into the bathroom with a towel in her hand. I guess you are still a little woozy from the stuff you drank at dinner. You start to undress: first your low cut top, then your skin tight jeans. You doesn't know I'm in here...should I let you know? But that would mean that I might end up losing the game. Plus to be honest, you still look as amazing as ever! You still have the fit and toned body of a much younger girl. You reach your arm around to undo your bra, and just as you unsnap it open from the back you hear something move in the closet. Uh oh! You investigate the noise (while holding on to the front of your bra with one hand) and find me hiding in the closet. When you open the closet door, I get a full view of your body in just your undergarments. You tell me to step outside and ask me to explain myself. I go on to tell you that we were just playing hide and seek and I was hiding in the closet, not aware that anyone was using this bathroom. After some hesitation, you realize that I was telling the truth. You ask if I I had my eyes closed when you were undressing, even though it was obvious from my subconscious boner that I saw everything. You completely flattered and pretty turned on by your favorite nephew's tent. I plead with you to let me hide in here so I can win the game. Still a little tipsy from the drinks, you pause for a second and give me a devious smile like you're planning something. You say "okay I can let you hide here BUT I need to take a bath before I go to sleep." I promise you I won't look again. You smile and say "sure" knowing that I will be curiously trying to sneak a peak at my beautiful aunt. Before I can even turn to get back in the closet, you let go off of your bra that you're holding on to and slide your panties off in front of me. My eyes get wider. Now completely naked, you tie up you hair into a messy bun on top of your head and step into the bathtub and sinks your hot body in the warm water. You play around, dripping water on yourself and running your hands up and down your impeccably tight body. Looking up at my shocked face and an erect cock, you warn me not to tell my mom about this little encounter since this is our little secret. To mess with me further, you tease me saying the only way I can stay in here is if I pull down my pants and play with with my cock until I get rid of my hard on. Listening to your demands, I try to jerk off but it's clear I am inexperienced. So you point your finger at me and curl it to call me closer and decide to take matters into your experienced hands to give me a sexy blowjob until I came. What an unforgettable night that was with my favorite aunt!