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Black Widow 2

Added: 03/28/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



Knock knock!! He opens the door and a smoking hot,outgoing and very out spoken girl is standing there. "Hey I just moved in next you're hot! Sorry, are you married? Well, I just moved in down the street and Im just being neighborly and introducing myself, do you mind if I come in?"Unaware of my intentions, he lets me on in and gives me a tour that cuts pretty short when all I want to see is his bedroom. "I hope Im not interrupting anything, are you expecting anyone?"I lay down on the bed and half heartedly apologize about my aggressiveness but get right down to what I want. His cock! "I have to admit I've been spying on you and Im just going to cut to the chase. I want to fuck you." He's willing, of course he is. All men are...Dumb fucks. He has no idea that Im the notorious black widow that fucks men and takes their soul. He has a good time until he realizes he's done for..