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Blackmailed Business Partners Wife

Added: 04/17/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


INCLUDES: WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS - HOUSEWIVES - BLACKMAIL - BLOWJOBS - CUMSHOT - FORCED STRIPPING - MENTAL DOMINATION - CHEATING - MALE DOMINATION - SQUIRTING - FINGER FUCKING - CUCKOLD Custom video....."Thank you for such a wonderful custom! You've been making these videos for me for some time but each new video brings as much pleasure and excitement as the first one. Thank you so much." So it is the usual story of blackmail because your husband has been embezzling from the company but there are some subtle variations. The business partner (BP) sits beside you and goes through his opening dialogue, you are shocked and amazed at what he is proposing etc. etc. After some hesitation and discussion he rubs your breasts through your top, then puts his hand in side your top, eventually he has your bra off and is touching and then kissing your breasts. You look uncomfortable with this and shocked when he then tries to put his hand up your skirt, he tries this two or three times and you push his hand away. You encourage him to concentrate on your breasts. But after another minute of touching and kissing your breasts he tries to put his hand up your skirt again. You push him a way and a discussion ensues about how you never agreed to him putting his hand up your skirt, how you can't believe he is blackmailing you in this way etc. He threatens to leave and basically you and your husband will be out on the streets. You negotiate that he won’t touch if you “perform” for him. As you reluctantly agree to perform he sits back and tells you to open your legs so that he can see your panties. You complain about having to do this but eventually, having received his confirmation that if you do this everything will be forgotten and forgiven, you comply. He tells you how long he has waited to see this etc. Then he tells you to pull up your skirt. You are obviously embarrassed to be exposed. BP then tries to kiss your breasts and run his hand over your panties, you stop him. He then injects you or gives you a spiked drink, you don’t want to, you struggle. After the it has had time to take effect BP resumes touching your panties, you are confused, part aroused but still aware of your situation ..He gets you to stand up and take off your skirt. BP then gets you to turn around, hold on this for a while. Then he gets you to touch yourself through and eventually in your panties. He gets you to bend over so we can see your panties stretched over your pussy. BP tells you he wants to see you finger your pussy so you sit back down (panties still on) and start to rub yourself again, BP tells you that you’re not putting enough effort in to it and tells you to put your hand inside your panties and finger your pussy. After a minute of this he comes over and pulls your panties to one side so we can see you fingering your pussy. A bit later he puts his hands inside your panties and fingers your pussy. He puts one finger in first, tells you how tight you are, asks you how it compares to your husbands small dick , you embarrassingly have to tell him it feels about the same size then he pits two fingers in and pumps your pussy until you cum. BP gives you the second drink/injection and you eventually kneel down in front of him and go through the routine of stroking him through his trousers, through his pants, then you have to get his cock out. While doing this you are touching yourself through and in your panties. As usual you are shocked by his size but try to disguise your shock. You suck his cock, eventually you fuck, still with your panties on and to conclude he pulls out and comes all over your panties........Mandy Flores