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Breaking James Bond

Added: 04/07/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


Agent Mandy is a beautiful new Bond Villainess. He has never faced a foe like you before incredibly beautiful, class, sensual, seductive and possess the strength of five men. You have come to capture him and make him your possession. "Welcome home, James. I've been waiting for you. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Agent Mandy, and you, commander, belong to me now." When he reaches you, you unfold your legs and slowly stand to your full height. You are quite imposing - perfect Amazonian physique, muscular arms, but also incredibly attractive and alluring - he can't pull himself away from you. We come back to James waking up. mandy flores. You've brought him back to your lair. You're sitting with your beautiful legs crossed. You could be waiting for a date - that's how classy and calm you are. He is at your feet. When he wakes you pleasantly inform him what happened to him and where he is. With the great James Bond as your possession, nothing will stop you. He gets up slowly. Ready this time. You're amused. "You still have a fight left in you. Wonderful." He throws a punch at your stomach and it just bounces off. He tries again. Same thing. You just smile. He swings once more and you catch his in your hand. With the other you seize him by the throat in a crushing grip. You draw his face close towards you. He is helpless to resist. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you, James." You throw him across the room without breaking a sweat. What follows is a cat and mouse of you catching him and seducing him with your sexually and breaking him with your strength.