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Stepdaddy's Dirty Sock Job

Added: 12/30/2017 l Length: 14:27 l


Custom order----You are just getting back from the gym and are very tired from your workout. Your stepdad is sitting on the couch and you know he can't resist your stinky socks. You plop down and slowly work your sock feet over to his side of the couch and then ask him if he will rub them. Of course he can't help himself, so after a little bit you work your free foot onto his crotch and discover he has an erection! You ask him what he has in his wallet, that maybe you can help him with your sock feet. He pulls out $100 bill after $100 bill and you keep saying more. You get all of it and then take his credit card too. Then he pulls his hard cock out and you begin stroking it with your dirty ankle sock feet. When he cums you tell him you are off to the mall and wave goodbye.