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Dont Cum In StepMommy

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You've always been a momma's boy and now that you've entered puberty you've developed a sexual desire for your mother that you dont really understand. Your father is always working late or gone on business and its starting to make your mother feel a little unwanted and insecure. You've been spying on me dressing and today during dinner you made some inappropriate advances that I chose to ignore. Later your mother gets dressed in your father's favorite lingerie and gets the crushing news he's not going to be home so she decides to watch some tv and you come into her room. "Im sorry honey, is the tv too loud? Can you not sleep?" You ask to join me on my bed and I allow it but just for a little then you will need to go sleep in your own room. During a commercial a clip of some girls twerking comes on and I tell you not to look but you do anyways. You ask me if I can twerk. Dont ask me things like that, Im your mother....noIm not too old and of course I can. So I do, but you say you couldnt see anything through my ugly robe and challenge that I was lying. Fine, but dont tell your father... I take off my robe to prove I still got moves for being a mom and when I turn around I see you have a boner. OMG, thats enough for tonight now go to bed! Later in the evening while Im sleeping you rub on my ass and start to take my panties down and I wake up startled. At first I dont know what to think, thenIm flattered and impressed by your size and realize now that you are now a young man more than a boy...Its been a long time since your father has had any time for me or has sexuallysatisfied me and the touch of your hands and cock begin to get my pussy wet. Yes touch me, it feels so good to be desired. I realize how much you want me and how much I need a man.I put my mouth around your cock and tell you that mommy is going to make you feel so good and how good you'll make mommy feel. We make love in many positions, nice and slow since its your first time.I tell you to hold it, not to cum in mommy so that your father wont find out. WhenI'msatistified,I'll let you cum in my mouth but its too much and you blow your load in my pussy when I begin to climax. Mandy Flores INCLUDES: TABOO - MOMMAS BOY - OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN - CREAMPIE - DOGGYSTYLE - BLOWJOB - MILF