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Dr Huge Johnson

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(Custom Request) You are a prim and proper, naive wife. He tells you that you have volunteered for a clinical trial of Flibanserin which is aimed to help women with sexual dysfunction. The doctor administers the first dose. You appear to be a little dozy and the doctor starts asking you personal questions. Is your sex life unsatisfying with your husband....when is the last time you had sex....does he satisfy he large..You are reluctant to answer his questions but after some encouragement you do. The doctor then announces that he will be back in 10 minutes to take some readings and he then leaves..

You appear to be slightly out of it and after he leaves but soon you can't ignore your arousal levels , you look at your watch, you fidget then lightly brush against your breasts, then start caressing them through your top, you look at your watch again and then you nervously put a hand on your skirt, pressing it between your legs. A moment later you pull up your skirt and start caressing yourself through your panties, you look at your watch again and then your hand goes inside your panties. Your other hand is inside your top caressing your breasts through your bra. A couple of minutes of this and there is a knock, you quickly adjust your clothing just before the doctor re-enters.

You look embarrassed when he enters reading your notes. He needs to give you a second dose. You look a little panicky and ask him if that is completely necessary. He asks why, what do you mean and you shyly reveal that you think the treatment is working. He smiles as he prepares the second dose and you appear reluctant to have it but he administers it regardless. He puts his hand on your leg and starts to ask impertinent questions such as Do you mean that you're feeling aroused?we don't normally see such beautiful volunteers..Im surprised such a gorgeous woman like you has issues with arousal.Maybe thats because you havent had sex for so long etc. You push his hand away. He tries this a couple more times while asking you things like Is that why you masturbate? Your shocked and deny it. That's a two way mirror he says looking over his shoulder I saw you..I saw you did not reach a climax .maybe you'd like to finish what you started. You're confused, very embarrassed but aroused. He promises that it will be a secret.

You're not sure but eventually you start to comply, pulling up your skirt, caressing your pussy through your panties and then inside your panties. He continues to get you undressed and has you take out his penis. You are shocked by his penis size. You try not to act on your urges but can't resist because of the medicine he gave you. While you are making love comment how he compares to your husband. In the end, the Dr. cums on your face and you are left speechless.