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Ellie Coerced Orgasm

Added: 06/06/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


Ellie invites me over because she has a surprise for me. I see some duct tape laid out... she says she's making me something and says she needs to measure me so stick my hands behind my back. Im excited and have no idea she is tricking me into getting tape bound. She quickly bounds my hands behind my back and then tapes my feet together and reveals to me the hidden vibrator. Lets have some fun Mandy...I hate to be tied up and she knows it! No Ellie, don't! She puts the vibrator to my pussy and instantly Im frozen by the strong vibration sensations...she holds the vibrator there, giggling at my desperation. She's not going to stop until she forcing me to orgasm. FEATURING: ELLIE IDOL INCLUDES:FORCED ORGASM, GIRL/GIRL, TAPE BONDAGE, FEMALE DOMINATION, BOUND ORGASMS, VIBRATOR