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FFA Life Extraction

Added: 07/21/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


INCLUDES: EXECUTRIX - MEN FOLLOWING ORDERS - FEMDOM - FORCED ORGASMS - FORCED EJACULATIONS - ORAL SERVITUDE - BLOWJOB - NYLON FETISH - PENIS PUMP - BOUND ORGASMS - FOOT SMELLING Mandy Flores is an agent from FFA (Femme Fatale Agency). An agency where males request their end under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales or for any reason, if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive. Scene starts with you in front of the camera, sitting down, welcoming your customer. lcome to my agency, my name is Mandy and I will be your personal agent's right, we offer execution services to our customers" "Looks like you requested genitals torture execution"You will feel like a pathetic toy... Dominated by me... An ready to be executed...” After customer is prepared you enter into the room. Customer says u look wonderful MistressYou smile and grab a gag. You attach the mouth gag over his mouth and make sure its tight. Then you order him to stretch on the bench. He obeys. You quickly cuff his ankles and wrists to the legs of the bench. While you do this, you describe him how much you like this work, you also comfort him n't be afraid babeHaving men life in your hands gets you very excited. You pick the penis pump. w, I am going to explain you how I am going to execute you”. u will not escape from here babe... You better enjoy this"Even though you are very afraid, this pump will get you hard as a rock... not allowing you to resist... and its going to stimulate your penis until you ejaculate... But after, it will continue vacuuming your cock and it will start to extract all your bodily fluids. Very slowly you will perish". You are condescending and cruel. You caress his spandex covered body and walk around him and then you sit on his face order him to ck me”. You apply some lube over his cock. You slide his cock into the pump and get him hard. “Very good, nice and hardYou release the pump and handjob and suck him to ensure he is completely hard. e life extraction system needs you to be hard hunny...”. w, the milking machineYou slide the pump around his penis. is pump is connected to a machine that will suck the life out of you... but before it will make you cum. Sit down by customer's side. Put your feet on his masked face. Machine effect starts (low) u will cum quite fast...Customer moans louder and louder. ese balls are starting to tighten? You feel it building? Yes? Can't resist it? Don't resist it hunny... Just let it go. Customer groans of pleasure. As the machine begins to suck him dry and he's thrashing and moaning in paid you begin to rub yourself to another orgasm. "No more begging hunny... You don't have much more time...Its too late to save you, let go"..Customer stops moving... ve nice dreams babe........Mandy Flores