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Final Execution

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Mandy Flores is an agent from FFA (Femme Fatale Agency). An agency where males request their d.eath under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales or for any reason, if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive. Welcome, you must be Alex...ruined by a difficult divorce, bank accounts , no car, no job, persecuted by police Interesting. Fetish for nylon, hands, feet and lingerie. And you want to use your last dollars here. Youve come to the right place. We are going to take care of you. Mandy proposes to sign an acceptance document this is just administrative, it says I will receive the inheritance and describes what are we going to do with you when you will be d.ead, the direct cost is 2000 dollars. Customer signs it. . Mandy smiles when he signs, sensually licking her lips: very good Alex, you will not regret it. Mandy ends the scene calling her nurse assistant Nurse, can you prepare Alex while I get dressed for the occasion?. Assistant enters in the room and smiling, sensually, asks Alex to accompany her to the execution room. Mandy begins to dress herself for the special occasion. Very sensually, slowly, stretching legs, Mandy puts on nylon pantyhose, then sheer stockings and finally gloves and high heels.. Nurse and Alex enter into the execution room. A table is ready with cuffs (ankles and wrists). Nurse asks him to get completely nude. Nurse opens the first box and picks a black sheer nylon pantyhose and a gag. Please, can you open your mouth?. Nurse places behind customer and places the mouth gag. Then she places the sheer nylon pantyhose all over his face, using one leg to introduce his head in, and the other one to rope it around his neck. This is just for security, it will suffocate your begs and shouting. But Im sure you wont shout at all, will you?. Nurse smiles while placing gag and pantyhose on customer. Nurse Ellie then cuffs his ankles and wrists. Mistress Mandy, we are ready here Mandy enters in the room with her nylon fetish session dress, walks around the table where customer is cuffed, caressing him with her gloved hands and sensually takes out the robe. Mandy finally begins to explain what they will do on him. We will inject you a serum that will help you. We could smother you to , cut off your throat or any other but today, we prefer to give you this serum. He will be injected directly into his testicles. Serum will extract all his energy from his body and concentrate it into his sperm. It will also affect him mentally, only letting him to think in ejaculating. His balls will hurt a lot, worst case of blue balls he ever had. Serum will let him have one last orgasm, a powerful one, but when he will shoot the last drop of sperm, he will all his vital power will be ejaculated. Mandy, serum is ready. Mandy picks the syringe, looks at Alex, smiles. Customer struggles, he is afraid of syringes. Mandy says Are you afraid?, there is nothing you can do now, so try to enjoy it. Mandy places her finger on Alexs face: Shhhh, sensually, softly, longly. (Cam focus on Mandys face and syringe). Mandy sinks the needle into customer testicles and begins to inject the serum, getting horny. Doing it very slow...Mandy gets on the table, between Alex legs and performs a slow foot rub on his chest and penis. Serum is probably affecting you Alex, do not resist, just let it go. Alex is hard and ready now, Mandy places a condom on slave. We are going to collect your last ejaculation. The last proof you lived. Serum is affecting you and you must be burning of love for us. Do you want to cum?. Mandy begins to masturbate Alex while Nurse kisses her body. Cmon, there is nothing you can do. You cant hold it much longer, enjoy it as much as you can, you are getting ready to cum. Mandy is now facesitting him, encouraging him to let go and give them his final orgasm. Alex, do it, do it for us, cum and for us!. Alex cums and d.ies with a long and deep guttural moan while he cums. Mandy takes out Alexs condom and stores the condom into box, full of other customers condoms FEATURING: ELLIE IDOL INCLUDES:FORCED EJACULATIONS, GIRL/GIRL, DOMINATION, EXECUTRIX, NYLON ENCASEMENT, VIBRATOR