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Hercules Vs Egyptian Super Goddess

Added: 01/28/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


custom ordered video---You are the Egyptian Temptress with otherworldly powers who has been wreaking havoc in Hercules' Empire. He comes to face you and force you to stop, but little does he know he is no match for your dominating strength! He first tries to bear hug squeeze you into submission. (I'd like to see a few minutes of this with him struggling) You are amused at his efforts and mock him. When you return the gesture and wrap just a single arm around him he is nearly paralyzed and unable to breathe! He is dropped to the ground like a rag doll. He tries again to hit you, only to hurt his own hands and arms as if he had hit a stone wall. You lift him by his neck into the air and laugh in his face. Set him back down and with a single finger flick to his chest he is sent flying to the ground. You offer him to align with you and combine empires, but when he refuse and tries to escape, you throw him against the wall and begin crushing him with your chest. You begin to seduce him in an effort to change his mind, your beauty is irresistible to him, once you kiss him he cannot stop himself. He begins to wildly thrust his cock into your stunningly beautiful flower (please include some close ups of this). You again ask one last time for him to unite with you, when he declines, you clench up your powerful vagina, crushing his penis so that he cannot pull himself away. You quickly flip him onto his back and begin riding him, taking his seed so you will be the mother of his heirs. You use just two fingers to push upon his chest, making him unable to breathe, mocking him about how you are ending his life with just two fingers until he stops breathing. You flex your muscles to show you are the strongest human ever created. The end. Please show lots of him struggling to crush you, be sure to flex repeatedly during the scene, if you can use POV and side views I would really appreciate that..