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Loan Shark Extortion

Added: 09/19/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


Unknown to me, my husband has been borrowing money from a loan shark. I find this out when the guy comes over to collect what he is owed and I walk in on him and my tied up husband. However, we have no money to pay him back. He makes a suggestion as to how we can get out from under this debt. He wants to see what the pretty little misses has under her dress. I protest only to have him threaten to put my husband in the hospital or worse. I agree to what the man wants but he just wants more and more. He can tell Im not enjoying myself so he has me drink something that will make me more 'comfortable' Doesn't take long until Im getting more horny and his advances are hard to resist. He get a large bulge in his pants and I beg him to keep me a honest woman. He insists I touch myself and him and I do. He begins to ask me personal questions about my sex life and if my husband satisfies me. I cant resist from the potion he gave me and answer all his questions honestly in front of my helpless husband. He guides my hand to his cock and I cant help but want him now. I stroke his cock and put my mouth around it. I have no control over my urges now. He brings me on top of him and he fucks me and shoots his load all over my panties.