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Mafia Executrix II

Added: 06/05/2019 l Length: 14:27 l



INCLUDES: EXECUTRIX - DOMINATION - FEMDOM SEX - COERCED ORGASMS - LEATHER - BDSM - BREATH CONTROL - HAND & NECK FETISH - EXECUTION - WOMEN ON TOP - BLACKWIDOW Mafia k1ller mandy has a new mission. Mandy is the best assassin, she loves her job and its not just the money she enjoys. She is like the black widow, she always fucks her victims as she chokes them out. I break into the apartment, the husband, my target, is sitting on the living room couch and watching Television. His wife is sound asleep in the bedroom. "ooooh, a two for one!!"I sneak up behind him and wrap a cord around his neck but only to temporary disable him. While I strip, I talk to him,telling him what's in store. Pulling out his cock to get it nice and hard for my wet pussy. I begin to fuck him and he regains consciousness and realizes the situation, but it is already too late. Im amused, loving his state of confusion and smother his mouth with one hand while controlling his breathing with the other. "After I finish you off, in more ways that one, Im going to visit your sleeping wife. Too bad she's home.It wont be quick either, first I'll make her lick up your cheating creampie from my pussy. Should I make her do that before or after I show her your lifeless body? Hmmm. Then I'll make her lick my dirty asshole..women never put up a good fight, she'll believe I'll spare her if she does a good job. But no....Come on, is this the best you can fight for your life, your wife's life?!" I ride him harder and harder while we both climax its the Wife's turn.....Mandy Flores