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My Best Friends Hot Mom

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Custom video request: I am so excited! My friend, your son, is having a sleepover at your house today. You are always so kind to me and always give tight hugs and wet kisses on my face. You're always looking after me like a second mother. I come over to your place, excited about tonight's sleepover. You open the door (in a really sexy outfit) and wave to my parents to leave and invite me inside. Once you close the door, you greet me with a hug (your cleavage in my face) and a (close up) kiss. After a bit of cute small talk, you send me upstairs to your son to go play video games or watch TV or something. While we are playing, you come and ask us to pause the game and eat some snacks and juice that you brought. We are playing games on the TV so we don't pay attention to you talking to us at all. We happen to be lying down on the ground looking up at the TV, so you get in between us and the TV to get our attention. I admire your long legs and can almost see up your skirt as you're talking to us. You say you're going to stand there until we start eating. We finish quickly and get back to our video games. A couple of hours later, we are getting ready for bed and you come in (wearing your sexy and revealing night time clothes) to check on us to make sure we are all tucked in and ready to go. You bring your face very close to mine and tell me to come wake you up if I need anything at all, give me a big goodnight kiss (your cleavage in my face again). You turn off the lights and leave. Later in the night, I wake up because I am feeling hungry. I am walking quietly because I don't want to wake my friend up. I get to the kitchen and I see that the light is on. Thinking that you are still awake, I enter the kitchen. Oops! I accidentally walk in on you while you're masturbating. You don't notice me walk in at first and you keep going long enough for me to get an eyeful of your hot body. Once you notice me, you are startled and quickly try to cover up. Fumbling to cover up, you say "Hey, sorry I didn't see you standing there. Why are you still up honey? Can't sleep?" I tell you that I need something to eat and drink because I am hungry. You look around and say there's really nothing that you give me to eat right now. Clearly still turned on from your incomplete masturbating, you let it slip out "..but you can eat ME..Oops." Realizing what you just said, you quickly cover your mouth and apologize. I am completely confused and ask what you meant by eating you. Getting more turned on from my questions, you say, "Well, it's hard to explain with words...but maybe, I can SHOW you how to eat me?" You slowly start running your hand further down your body toward your pussy and tell me to come closer. I don't get it so I come closer and you put your fingers in your pussy. Then you finger yourself and do some dirty talk and ask if I want to come and eat you. So you take my head (the camera) and move it where your pussy is and keep fingering while my face is between your legs eating you out. Then you go on to say that you are getting hungry as well and start giving me a blowjob until I come. Then looking satisfied, you whisper to me that this is our little secret. You give me a big kiss on my face again and send me off to go to sleep. Wow, what a night!......Mandy Flores