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Please Start For Momma

Added: 03/16/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


(CUSTOM REQUEST) You play the role of someone who is utterly besotted with their car and think it's the best thing ever, but have been having some problems with it. It begins with you getting into the car and settling down, but this time straight away it doesn't start at all. You spend the vast majority of the video cranking it - again mostly from a would-be passenger's point of view, but also with sections focusing on the ignition as before, and also a foot well view showing your feet pumping the pedal a little, plus a close-up shot of the dashboard showing how it changes when you try cranking the car a few times, as well as an exterior shot from the front of the car looking at you through the windscreen. Dialog should be focused on how you feel about the car, so you are not angry that it doesn't start, but sympathetic and calm, you softly say things to it like 'come on baby, you can do it, start for mommy' etc.You try anything and everything to get the car running, pumping the pedal slow, fast, hard, soft, playing with the clutch, wiggling the gearstick before cranking, taking the keys out and putting them back in a few times, as well as more soppy things like stroking and kissing the steering wheel. Eventually after a lot of cranking and trying all sorts of different things, you are finally able to find something that gets the car started. Ecstatic, you exclaim a few things to the car (e.g. 'good girl! I knew you could do it!'), give it a kiss, put it in gear and set off. Video ends as you start driving.