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I have been a very naughty girl and have been a playing a submissive for a perverted couple that I just met at a local club and I am still wearing the dirty lingerie that they dressed me in as eye candy for their pleasure. Would you like to see it? I remove the dress slowly and drop it around my feet. It's a little bra and it doesn't even cover my nipples. Oh, and that's not all, they had me put on these gloves. I put on the gloves and now I look just like a pinup girl. This is the strange part, they wanted me in this ball gag. Seeing me wear it made them both very excited and his cock became very hard as the woman touched herself and stroked him. I could tell that they wanted to touch me so badly. He told me that he really wanted to smell my panties even though I told him that I had been wearing them for two days. He told me to pull them up very tight and then pull them down off my ass and handed them to him. His Wifey started sucking his cock while he just leered at me as he held and sniffed my dirty panties. Would you like to smell my panties too? Then they wanted to watch me dance and masturbate with this big cock in front of them, sort of like at a strip club. Only that wifey was masturbating his cock with my panties and she had her fingers in her pussy, and this doesn't happen in strip clubs that I know about. Then they took turns spanking my ass and ramming the dildo inside of my pussy and ass. I couldn't say no with the ball gag in my mouth! Finally, the wife commanded him to fuck me very hard from behind until I felt his sticky mess inside of me. I know how much you will love my panties and to jerk off into them while watching me. I want you to jerk off to me the way they did, and to shoot a load of cum on me. Enjoy me the ball gag and nipple clamps on as I treat you to a special show where I play with my tits and pussy standing up with a slow seductive kind of dance.