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Remote Control Mandy

Added: 07/12/2019 l Length: 14:27 l


Scene opens with you getting ready for work, wearing a dress or skirt and top. Your Fella is up for a bit of fun before you go but you're not in the mood. Your fella presses Button 1 (Body over mind) on a weird new remote control. And then asks you to come over and sit down. You tell him you can't, you're in a hurry - but despite what you're saying you seem to be obeying him. You sit down. He asks to look up your skirt. You verbally tell him no but you cant control your body and you open your legs and we have a nice look up your skirt What is that thing?! Stop doing that! What is with that remote control..give it to me Now your Fella pushes button 2 (complete control) and your face goes blank like you're are in a trance. You speak in a monotone.. what do you want me to do? That's better Mandy,now take off your top...Anyway this continues with your Fella pressing Buttons 1 (which makes you conscious of what you're doing but unable to stop yourself) and 2 (which is a trance-like total obedience). He makes you strip down to your panties, show your breasts, he makes you masturbate through your panties (very slowly) and ultimately you just have your panties on with your hand inside them (masturbating a bit faster). The finale your Fella pushes button 1 just before you orgasm; with you suddenly becoming aware of what's happening and with a look of panic on your face saying something like "please stop...OMG ...oh no I'm going to come". P>INCLUDES:WOMEN FOLLOWING ORDERS, MAGIC CONTROL, ROBOTS, FORCED STRIPPING, FORCED ORGASMS, TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES´╗┐