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Revenge Of The Maid

Added: 09/17/2024 l Length: 14:27 l


You’re the maid relaxing and not dressed in your maid uniform. The rich and well-dressed owner of the house walks in and is angry that you’re not dressed properly and worst, that you are in her dress, shoes and drinking her expensive wine. , She asks you what the fuck are you doing and why you are not in your uniform? You hold it up and ask her if she means this uniform? You tell her this is something a maid should wear. She is confused and angry and tell you you're fired and to get out. You show her the ring on your finger and tell her to look at it very closely, ask her if it's hers. She inspects it and it mesmerizes her. You ask her how she really feels about you, she tells you how inferior you are to her and that she is much prettier and more intelligent than you. This makes you upset and you will show her how wrong she is. You tell her that when she wakes up she will be the maid and you will be her boss. You brainwash her until she is totally compliant and refers to you as Mistress. Whenever you snap your fingers she will be her regular bitchy self and when you snap them again she will be your submissive maid willing to do anything you ask her. You take her out of her trance and now she thinks she’s the maid. You get mad at her because she’s not in her uniform; you give her your maid uniform to put on. She is very sorry and apologies. Once she is dressed you snap you fingers and she is humiliated and confused, how can she be dressed like this? She’s not some dumb maid. You tell her it’s time she learns her true calling in life, to be at the service of a beautiful woman. You snap your fingers and she’s the maid again. Since she always treated you like dirt you tell her to get on her hands and knees to clean the floor with a rag. You yell at her for not doing a good job and you give her a good spanking. You ask her to show you how inferior she is by worshiping your feet. She takes off your shoes so she can smell and lick your feet. She tells you how honored she is, your feet are so perfect feet and the smell is like a sweet perfume to her. You snap your fingers and she is disgusted at what she’s doing, spitting out the taste. You snap your fingers and she’s the maid again. You ask her how much she enjoys being your maid. She tells you it’s a privilege to serve you and would do anything for you. You ask her to sign some papers that will give you everything she owns and she will be owned by you forever. She thinks it’s a great idea since you are so beautiful and intelligent, you deserve it more than her........Mandy Flores