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Schoolgirls Bitchass Mrbailey 1

Added: 03/28/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


Part1 - the Professor's beginning to complete slavery of one of his students. Mr Bailey (visit his store) was doomed as soon I walked into his office. He thought he was smarter than me but all men just cant resist a hot girl. Doesn’t take him long to fall right into my trap to make be sure I have all the blackmail evidence I need to make Mr. Bailey very compliant. I set up a video camera to capture the manipulation that played out beautifully. All I wanted was him to change my grade to an A since I don’t have to time nor should I have to turn in extra credit to save my ass. Im sure we can work something else out, dont you think? Oh, yes I see the way you look at me, its okay Mr Bailey, I like older successful men. I wont tell anyone, this will be a good arrangement for the both of us. You just change my grade and I'll show you my tight perfect little body and let you stroke to me. Yes... thats a good Professor. As he gets so close to busting his nut, I show him my video camera and my humiliation makes his dick shrivel up like a disgusting worm. My sensual teasing quickly changes to a dominating brat who gets what she wants when she wants it. Take off all your clothes and get on your knees, this is your new position, as my slave. Not just any kind of slave, come here and worship my ass. Smell my stinky farts! Wow, you are really enjoying this, who knew? Well you will like being my toilet and wallet slave then. Smell what I have brewing up for you later ass bitch. From now on, you will serve me and all my cheerleader girlfriends, let us use your house and you will buy us alcohol and give us your credit card and do all of our homework......Fucking perverts are always the easy ones. Loser!