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Seven Seconds Heaven

Added: 04/24/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



slave, it has now been a month since I let out of your cage per your new 12 orgasms a year diet. So Im going to allow to you unlock and stroke but don't you dare cum without permission or I will lock you back in chastity for so long that you will forget what an orgasm even feels like. Understand? Good, so lets play our monthly masturbation game. I am going to count to “seven” over and over at a regular pace. When I say “one”, you stroke one time. When I say “two” you stroke two times. When I say “three” you stroke three times. By the time I get to “seven” each time you will have to stroke quite fast before the count starts over. I begin to count and tease you with my feet as you stroke faster and faster with each count. My feet drive you so crazy its unbearable holding back your month built up load. I pause to get more comfortable, slipping out of my panties and remind you I don't want to see a single spurt of cum coming out of that aching cock. Then I start the count again and you better keep up the pace and you better not cum. What do you think of your 7 seconds in heaven slave? You want to cum so back, will I ever let you? Im impressed with your discipline and dedication, but to *REALLY* show how obedient you are, you should ruin your orgasm for the month. Look at my pussy, you will never have this again, the inside of a sweet pink pussy.INCLUDES:MASTURBATION GAMES, CHASTITY, ORGASM CONTROL, FOOT DOMINATION, FOOT SLAVE TRAINING, FOOT WORSHIP