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Basically you play the role of a hot chic who likes to tickle and tease cocks with satin. So you have your man lay on a bed and you are going to tease him with your satin until he cums. take some satin, grabbing it with 2 hands and slide it left and right over the tip, creating the tickling sensation on his cock. Ideally I would like you to make him cum using this method,I't would be great if you could use multiple satin items to slide left and right over his cock, say satin robes or camisoles that you have. Something that has a lot of satin fabric. Seeing the shininess of the satin while you tease is also important and also that the shiny side is sliding over his cock. I'd also like you to Verbally tease me during the the clip as you tease with the satin.......Mandy Flores