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StepBrother Love

Added: 03/10/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


I walk into my stepbrothers room to find him completely naked and hard as a rock for me. I come over to you and begin sucking your thick cock that I love. We already have sex all the time now, sex is the best with my stepbrother. I mount you and we make love. Its beautiful. Then the phone rings before we both cum. Its our mom. I talk but its difficult while still fucking you. I moan a few times and mom wants to know what Im doing. Call you later mom... after I end call, we both laugh how funny that was we were fucking while Mom was on the phone. I begin to fuck you harder and harder. Fuck me stepbrother! I love my fucking your cock. I say this over and over until we both orgasm together. I look over at the phone and realize it didn't hang up. OMG, Mom heard everything.