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Strip And Stroke Game

Added: 11/14/2017 l Length: 14:27 l


>Custom ordered video--- You are my longtime 24/7 live in servant (does chores around the house, caters to your needs etc.). As part of your servitude, I keep you naked and in a chastity cage 24/7 and never allow you to fuck me. I restrict your stroking/orgasms to rare (once a month “stroke day”) occasions during which time I release you from chastity and play masturbation games with you. Depending on the game and my mood, you are allowed the ability to have full, ruined, or denied orgasms. Today is stroke day and I want to play another masturbation card game. Here are the rules and yes the deck is shuffled to be completely up to chance. Will you get to cum? Im giving you the highest odds to cum, but when you choose to cum is up to you. If you hold out until Im naked you are playing a dangerous game with the 1 joker in the deck. If I pull the joker before you cum its game over! Back into chastity for another month. If I pull a number card, you will get to stroke during my countdown of that number then you have to stop stroking. If I pull out a face card, I remove an item of clothing. That keeps going until you can manage to cum during one of the countdowns or a joker puts you back in lock down. Aces are wild, beware of those but they dont end the game. Lets play!