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Suckling On Step-Mother

Added: 05/15/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


INCLUDES: TIT SUCKLING - NIPPLE FETISH - BIG TITS - TABOO - NIPPLE PLAY - BLONDES - OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER WOMEN - BREAST FEEDING CUSTOM VIDEO: Barbie comes home from a long jog. She calls for her Step-Mother..she's hungry from her workout. She goes upstairs and finds Step-Mother reading on her phone. "Hello honey, have a nice jog?" Barbie just nods and plops down on the couch next to Step-Mother and begins to pull down Mothers tank top strap. Step-Mom knows what Barbie is after and allows her step-daughter to suckle from her tits. Mandy never stopped breast feeding her step-daughter Barbie. She felt it was not only a bonding experience for them but the best nutrients she could give her even at a older age. Next scene shows how Mothers milk and suckling also acts as a comfort food when Barbie breaks up with her boyfriend, whom she loves and Step-Mother comforts her...Mandy Flores