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THE ORIGINAL Lost Bet To Pervert StepBrother Part 2

Added: 02/18/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


Extending from the last vid where you lost the bet and had to give a nude blowjob to your brother. He still has you all day and that was just first part of the day. So its the afternoon and you have just got home from jogging. Your brother is waiting for you. He reminds you that your his all day and now this has become very irritating to you and you do not want to play nice like you did before. He tells you to strip down and leave your socks on once again. (This time all white sporty ankle socks. Like puma or something similar. Just ones that are lower cut and look soft and have the extra padding on the bottom and on the toe but all white. Kinda like runners socks i guess) Your tired and dont want to deal with this so you do so in a pissed off manner. He tells you to cross your ankles and stand on your tippie toes facing him.(If ya could get a good close up of your feet here) So your expecting another blowjob is in store for you so lay down the same as last time with your feet crossed behind you.(play with your feet like the last one) You start sucking without your hands again and when hes hard he pulls out . Now your puzzled and worried. He tells you to turn around and with your ass facing him. He wants your ass arched in the air. Hes going to fuck you in the ass. You refuse and say hes going way to far and you have never done it before. He informs you that he taped the blowjob u gave him earlier and if u dont do it hes showing everyone. You are in shock and he pulls your ass close to him. Your feet are in the air against your ass. He slowly pushes in and you can barely stand it and beg to stop. You play with your feet and toes showing your discomfort. He gets all the way in and then starts pumping away without warning. After a few pumps he tires of hearing your pleading and pulls out and says fine then you are finishing me off the same as before. You return to your original position with your feet behind you ready to suck his dick and he tells you, you are holding your ankles the whole time now that you made him stop ass fucking you. He mouth fucks you while you hold your ankles below your socks until he once again he blows his load in your mouth and his cum is dripping out of your mouth as he continues to fuck your face.