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The Executrix - Vegas High Roller Target

Added: 09/30/2024 l Length: 14:27 l



INCLUDES: EXECUTRIX - HANDJOB - FORCED EJACULATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - MEN FOLLOWING ORDERS - STRONG WOMEN - HUMILIATION - BONDAGE - Custom video request: Mandy has been on the lookout for her next victim in Vegas. When she spots a big winner at the slot machines she begins her plan, calling her associates to track her phone in case things go wrong. Mr. Big Winner is too busy being overjoyed with his good fortune to recognize that his luck is about to change......permanently. Mandy quickly and easily glides in and convinces him it is time to cash out. One look at her and anyone would fall for her sweet girl persona, he is no different. Just a few short moments of walking and talking and he is more than ready to show her to his penthouse sweet at the Bellagio. As she pretends she has never been in this room before he makes a couple of cocktails, probably assuming he could get her in bed with ease after a few drinks, but it turns out to be exactly what she was hoping for as she slips a daedly powder concoction into his unattended glass, a lethal mix that will make him tell her his safe code, and cause his heart walls to rupture when he reaches a certain threshold of excitement.....and she knows EXACTLY how to get him there ......Mandy Flores