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Till The End Do Us Part

Added: 05/23/2024 l Length: 14:27 l



Your best friend referred you to the best divorce lawyer. During our meeting you pass out in my office after drinking the water I offered you. You wake up to me finishing tying you to a table and explain how you got yourself in this situation. Well, your wife will not accept a divorce. Remember your vows? Till your Demise do us part? I actually run a FFA agency and she has hired me to slowly end you. She really wants you to suffer and that you should. You were planning of leaving her with nothing. You were a terrible husband. She wants you to know that she's been fucking your best friend. He was in on it, that's why he tricked you into coming to me. I will spend the next few days covering your body with heavy wet towels. Its hard to breath now is it? Its only going to get worse and worse until I finally cover your nose and mouth. During your last struggle I call your wife to let her know its finally happening. We both laugh at you while you perish.......Mandy Flores