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Tormenting The Cuckoldslave

Added: 08/31/2023 l Length: 14:27 l


You are back from a date with your rich "real man" lover and now sitting on the sofa. Your slave kneels in front of you and gets teased by the sight of your sexy toes painted toes. Please be arrogant and tell him that also your lover likes your beautiful sexy toes and feet but even more he likes to fuck and cum in your ass! Let the slave know that you enjoy being dominated like that by a real man and how satisfied your lover always is after you had sex with him. You enjoy to frustrate your slave by taking advantage of the fact that he adores you especially your sexy feet and polished toes and that he envies your lover so much for never being that rich and never getting such amazing sex. With arrogant expressions on your face you show off your polished toes and feet to make him crazy. The slave is allowed to jerk off. You tease and humiliate him more by sticking your finger in your ass hole and let him prove his devotion by licking and sucking your fucked asshole clean. Please keep telling him things about what you do to satisfy your lover (like changing pedicure in his favorite colors or wearing sexy high heels and dresses and so on) to make him more jealous and frustrated about what he never can get... In the end when you think the slave is frustrated enough please allow him to cum on your toes and make him lick your feet clean...Mandy Flores