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Unaware Brothersister Workout

Added: 02/08/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


My boyfriend is not very bright and I only use him for boyfriend type benefits except sex and I fuck my brother any chance I get. My brother and I are just getting warmed up and he shows up. I make an excuse that Im just getting started on a training session with my brother (hes a trainer) and to come back later. mandy flores. He insists on coming in but I make an excuse that Im all sweaty and I dont want him to see me like that. He wont go away but the door is locked so I fuck my brother on the other side of the door and my boyfriend is completely fooled into thinking my brother is putting through a pounding routine. Making excuses to all the moaning and panting, describing how my brother is working out my ass... working on squats, just pounding more weights on to really feel the burn.... oh god!!! Now Im working on my calves and the workouts really hitting the right spots now, my brothers really working me hard!!! Oh ! Now hes working on my inner things and hamstrings, in and outs... pulls and pushes. My brother is really good, maybe you should have him personally train you sometime! hehe...Finally my brother explodes all over my chest and I say we are almost done, just need to get cleaned up real quick. We finally let you in and we look exhausted from the hard workout and my brother is holding me, massaging me from the beating he put me through. Especially my inner thighs, Im just too worn out and sore now babe. Were just going to rest up so Ill call you later, ok? Relieved I finally got rid of your distractions, I pounce in 69 with my brother to finish up what we started and go to town on his cock... Mandy Flores INCLUDES:TABOO, FUCKING, TITTY FUCK, CUMSHOTS, BLOWJOBS, BOY-GIRL