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Wonder Woman Cumplosion

Added: 02/08/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


Wonder Woman has not been been careful and has allowed Missa, FBI Agent, to slip her a mickey. Missa has Wonder Woman tied to the table with duct tape and chains, and she wakes up with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Missa rejoices in tricking Wonder Woman, she's been trying to capture her for a very long time. Missa makes fun of Wonder Woman's vulnerable position when Wonder Woman spits venom into Missa's eyes! Missa hunches down tries to wipe the poison out while Wonder Woman summons her inner strength. She is determined, she will not be overcome, her muscles spring back to life with super strength and she feels her clit swell. Wonder Woman is excited, something new is happening to add to her powers. Wonder Woman is full aware that whenever she overcomes a villain she gains a new super power. She bucks her hips back and forth welcoming the change. Wonder Woman smiles wickedly as her clit swells and grows testing the fabric of her uniform. Missa's eyes are blurry as she continues to wipe, tear up, and try to cleanse the poison away. Wonder Woman, Mandy Flores, grows a dick and looks with a fiery vengeance at Missa. Missa cowers as Wonder tackles her to the floor and rips her leggings open. Wonder Woman forces her massive member into Missa's tiny hole spreading her wide open. Missa's eyes are wide in disbelief. Missa tries to run and Wonder Woman pushes her onto the vertical table, the same table that she was previously tied to. Wonder Woman continues to pump Missa's pussy with her massive member, in and out, she hate fucks her until Missa begins to love her. Missa looks back at Wonder, mesmerized by the mix of pleasure and pain. Wonder Woman moans and explodes cum into Missa's pussy. Missa is no longer the dominant FBI agent, but she is docile, like a pussy cat. **STARRING MANDY FLORES** **PRODUCEDMissa X**