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Your Husbands Mistress HD

Added: 08/28/2023 l Length: 14:27 l


Hi wifey and step-mother of my slave. I'm Mandy Flores. Yes, THE Mandy Flores that everything in his will is addressed to. Why do you only get a video, you wonder? That's because I'm kind enough to let you see the owner of your beloved man. Kind of hard to imagine, isnt it? Your alpha, dominant husband being submissive? But look at me. Any man would submit. In fact, your husband begged me for months before I reluctantly took him in. He begged me to ruin him, to take over his life, to allow him to stick his tongue into my asshole. He even did it in public to prove his devotion. After all, he loves me the most. Look at his will. Every single asset is mine! Remember when he bought many insurance policies couple years ago? Why do you think he got into an "accident"? *evil laughter* yes. Your husband would END himself at my command. He gave me the ultimate sacrifice.. well not quite. Your step-son is soldiering overseas for 5 years right? Wrong. He's never coming back. He's right here, taking his step-father's place. I asked him to choose between sticking his tongue in my asshole and the two of you, guess which he chose? *laugh* my slave raised him well.. watching my mesmerizing clips from a young age and coming here for his yearly real time sessions. He really does love me. Well, I got to go now. Your step-son is hungry, and I really have to take a dump. He's convinced me lately that I dont need toilet paper. I agree, his tongue cleans it up so much better.. (do act evil and mock my wife and laugh a lot)