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Zombie Attack

Added: 10/16/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



Custom Order Video: Mandy comes back from making the rounds to be sure there are no Zombies in the area, but little does she know there is one waiting outside her house. She keeps the lights low to not draw any of them to her, but as she lights the candles she is attacked from behind. Our Superheroine Zombie Mandy Flores is pushed to the limits fighting off this crazed zombie who seems more intent on capturing her than eating or even biting her, which he could have easily done many times already. She desperately tries to reach her on the floor but the monster is too strong for her. He overpowers her and he takes some time to admire his prey, drooling thick gooey zombie drool on her and tearing open her shirt, revealing her mesmerizing breasts. He fondles and nibbles on her all the way down to her exposed pussy. The touching stirs Mandy and she opens her eyes to see he has his erection out and ready to penetrate her. A furious fight ensues, Mandy using all of her strength to hold him off, but he is too much for her. She finally succumbs to his desire, and as he is thrusting, her cries become moans of pleasure. The Zombie begins cumming inside her, and then pulls out and finishes on her tight ass. What he doesn't know is that unlike his bite, that would her and send her into a mindless Zombie existence, his seed inside her has caused her to mutate into a half human-half zombie machine! He looks in her face with confusion, thinking perhaps he has a new zombie mate, but Mandy attacks with incredible superheroine strength, throwing him effortlessly onto her bad, and leaping upon him, taking his still erect cock and and riding it to get her own orgasm, and then, after she is finished cumming, her revenge! As the scene draws to a close her fiance arrives home to find Mandy holding the severed head of a Zombie..... but will she suppress the Zombie instinct to attack him?

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