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So I have a lot of fun with my fans sending in their cock pics and such as you may have seen: and I bet you are wondering how you can get your lovely man rocket in there too! Well first you can just reply to my "tribute Friday" post on twitter with your pic or cumshot video (it MUST have my NAME or my PICTURE in it though) right now that tweet is my top one on my profile www.twitter.com/yourmandygirl You can also directly email me at Mandyflores@live.com with the subject "tribute" Have fun with it and if you like I can include your email address in the picture in case a porn producer sees it and wants to contact you! Kisses xoxoxo Mandy!

Here's the link to the Gallery: Fan Tribute Gallery

This is literally my favorite thing right now! This is so freaking hot! Thank you so much for letting us do this!!!
Awesome :) I'll be posting the ones from this week later tonight I hope :)