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Casino Rip Off

Added: 10/23/2017 l Length: 14:27 l


(Custom. POV only no names) You have just won the jackpot in slots at a Casino Hotel and are in your room counting the cash. $200,000.00 in cash!! You have ordered up a bottle of champagne from room service to celebrate. You knock on the door, and announce yourself as room service. You enter the room wearing a tiny black cocktail waitress outfit. You are counting the money on the bed. You put the bottle down. Wow, that's a lot of money!! You must be the jackpot winner everyone is talking about downstairs! I can see why you would want this champagne. My outfit? Yes, they make us wear it. Very sexist, isn’t it? Oh, you think I look great in it? Why, thank you!! Personally I think it accentuates my legs perfectly, don't you think? And the heels are a great help too. So, how much did you win? Two hundred thousand? Would you like me to open the bottle? Do you mind if we sit and talk? You're really interested in my outfit, aren't you? Oh, I see, you're a legs and heels guy. Well, what type of tip will I get for the champagne, then? A big one? I was hoping for that. Have another glass, why don't you? Are you finished counting the cash? You'll want to put it in that bag so you have it close by. I have a confession to make. I don't work for the Hotel! I cruise the casinos in search for weak minded men like you! Whenever someone wins a big jackpot, the lights and bells go off....very easy to spot! Take another sip! I was standing right behind you when you when you won your jackpot! I bribed the Concierge to get your room number, and here I am! DRINK! The bottle was drugged. Notice I didn't have any? Ha Ha! I knew you'd be weak for me! These legs always do the trick! And now I've made you even weaker, haven't I? My legs were your undoing! One more drink, baby, and you'll be done! Go ahead, empty the rest of the bottle, all the way down! How do you feel? Feeling woozy? Too woozy to stop me? You are mine and so is your cash.