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It's a beautiful morning, the sun is streaming through the windows, the birds are chirping, Mandy remembers it's her favorite day: Easter Sunday! Her feet hit the rug and she is ready for her daily routine, but she sees an Easter basket. Mandy predicts it's from, "Missa!" Mandy's roommate loves to surprise her on the holidays. Mandy sees the candysparkle at her, enticing a bite. Mandy grabs a single jelly bean and puts it into her mouth. The flavor is intense and wonderful, she has to have more! She reads the note, "Mandy, Take a bite of this Easter candy, the experience is magical. You'll thank me later." Mandy decides to put off her morning shower and takes the basket upstairs to eat more of the candy. Even though Mandy is very conscious of her perfect figure, she can't help putting more and more candy into her mouth. She doesn't realize that her front teeth are growing as she chews. She doesn't realize that fur is growing on her face, her face is changing, her ears are growing. Mandy catches a glimpse of her face in the bedroom mirror, she is shocked. She lifts up her tank top to see her body, she turns around and admires how her new fluffy tail accessories her bubble butt perfectly, and she feels a wetness in her panties. "I'm so hot as a Bunny," she is in awe of her transformation. An orb is floating around her cervix, she can feel it begin to push through. Mandy is frightened, turned on, and she hops on the bed. She pushes out a beautiful pink egg. She looks at it lovingly, she knows she created this egg, it's unusual and so special, before she can nest overtop of it, she feels something else sliding down her super tight vaginal canal. Mandy pushes, pushes, "oh my, i's a big one." Mandy's pussy is so juicy, fluffy, pink and flush, she pushes "mmm uh... mmph.. mmm, ahhh." Mandy gives birth to a bright purple egg. The egg glistens with her pussy's birthing juices. Mandy begins to get on all fours because she feels another one coming. "Am I giving birth again?" She aches her body to release, the mix between pleasure and pain keeps her on the edge of orgasm,. Mandy feels it slowly crest as her pussy lips open like a flower to reveal a bright blue egg. "Mmmpphhh!" She inhales and exhales as she is relieved of the intense pressure. Mandy lays egg and egg and the intense feelings build up to an orgasm. She is exhausted. "I'm a Bunny now, Missa has turned me into a Bunny." She is exhausted, and blissfully happy with her new life as the Easter Bunny's helper.