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Evil Boss Return

Added: 10/24/2017 l Length: 14:27 l


I just got hired to be your new boss. I made you quit your last job so I could make you perform all the humiliating tasks here at your new job. I know that you are married and need the job, so you have no choice but to submit to my torment with my body you cant resist and verbal abuse you can do nothing about.... We have a lot of catching up to do, don't we? Now that Im your boss..again, let me remind you that I call all the shots around here and your performance to my special needs will be evaluated daily. You remember don't you? That's right, get on your knees immediately and start worshiping my superior hot body. Lets start with your cock sucking skills... Imitate on my heel what Im doing with my toy here. That's it suck it bitch. All your duties will be consumed with personally serving all my personal needs. Your wife better get used to you coming home late every night, especially if she still wants you to have a job. How much did you miss these beautiful legs of mine, huh? Tell me how your wife's body compares to mine? You should be thanking me for giving you such eye candy but yes it comes with a price now doesn't it? Take out your cock and stroke it me, stroke to my pussy that I have tormented you all these years but never let you have. I keep you frustrated and obedient like a that I own. You will also have asshole cleaning duties. I know how it humiliates and turns you on at the same time. Beg me for it, beg for the taste that I know you have been missing. Well, what are you waiting for, tongue fuck it, you have lots of lost time to make up for. Oh its so good to have my worshiper back isn't it, you eat the best ass of my personal servant. I love being just a tool for my personal satisfaction and I love having you back under my control again. Good job bitch, my ass has never been this clean before, I better not catch you jerking off until I give you permission.INCLUDES:OFFICE DOMINATION, MASTURBATION HUMILIATION, GODDESS WORSHIP, COCK TEASE, TEASE/DENIAL, PUSSY WORSHIP