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Exgirlfriend Muscle Worship

Added: 07/14/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


The idea of the story would be, you making a video for your ex-boyfriend who left you some years ago because he was looking for a girl with muscles (mainly bicep, upper body). Now, as you have built so much muscle in the last years, you would like to show him, what he is missing out on. 1. You wearing a t-shirt, pulling up your sleeve and starting to show of your biceps muscle. Still keep it partially covered by the t-shirt for teasing reason. Also talking about how hard your biceps feel and how much you workout. Really bring down your forearm to get the biggest bulge of your biceps. Gradually show more of your super biceps. 2. Then you take of your t-shirt, still wearing your bikini underneath. mandy flores. Still flexing and bouncing your biceps. 3. Then give a good flex of your fantastic abs. You can also rub some oil onto your biceps and continue showing off your biceps. 4.Then if it's ok with you, take off your bikini top and also put some oil onto your breasts and show off your pec muscles. You can also show off your fantastic back muscles in between. 5. May I also ask if you could do some "most muscular flexing" as the final part of the clip, this would really be great. No humiliation, it's more about you bragging and showing off.