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Fart Punishment

Added: 05/16/2018 l Length: 14:27 l



The slave made the mistake of saying that he has cheated you by flirting with other girls, your revenge will be terrible for him with your farts and verbal domination during the face sitting. So you decide to push him to the bed and the only air he can breathe is through his nose. Lets see him cheat this time! lol. You truly make him fight for his air. The only air he is allowed comes from your ass. Make sure his nose is sealed tight to your ass and make him test your farts! mandy flores. Don't hesitate to block his hands when he wants to try to escape, he's not going anywhere!!!! He had no idea how many farts he is about to receive and swallow .. you told him to lay on the bed and you sit on his face fully, sealing it in (block him), and begin farting in his face for let him taste his punishment.. don't hesitate for some wet ones lol,and you don't care about that and his suffer for that in his nose ;) Watch as he struggles and panics to get only small breaths of air from your ass will be a pleasure for you, Making him struggle even harder for his air by farting right on him and stay sit on him .... Don't hesitate to stay sit long time on him (1 or even 2 consecutive min) without giving any chance of breathing with your great facesitting, and dirty and verbal domination. He tries to push you off but you keep his head buried deep in your ass crack!! He nearly vomits a few times with your wet farts, but you don't care!! You don't care and as you grow sick of his complaints ,you pull out a belt (for 2-3min) that you harness around his head and pull his head in nice and tight!!! His grip on you is loosening and he's getting weaker against your big ass, you practically suffocate to this loser.INCLUDES: FARTING SMOTHER FACESITTING ASS SMOTHER FEMALE DOMINATION ASS HUMILIATION ASS WORSHIP