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Insane Impregnation

Added: 03/14/2020 l Length: 14:27 l


(Custom Video) After months of failed attempts to get pregnant, Mandy gets bad news from the fertility doctor again. "There may be hope in the future" he says "there is a new dr*g that is about to begin clinical trials on animals, so maybe in a couple of years..." Mandy is so excited at the possibility she immediately perks up.. and the doctor continues "but unfortunately it will be $20,000 a pill and there is no way your insurance will cover this." Mandy pleads her case with him, trying to use her best flirting technique and making sure her cleavage is prominently displayed for him. It seems to work! He relents after to her subtle advances and tells her no one can know. "Also, the dosage MUST be administered vaginally" He instructs her to remove her panties and bend over. Purposefully not using gloves to insert the dose, he first wets his thumb with his mouth and completely submerges it into her noticably aroused pussy. "It will need to be delivered deeper inside you" he says as he opens up his pants and quickly begins to push his cock into her. "What are you doing?!" she nervously asks. "I forgot to mention that the dr*g must be administered WITH the sperm to be effective" he says. He explains as he is thrusting faster and faster that the it will be completely hers, and will have the good doctores genes as well. This makes Mandy VERY happy. As he begins to cum she tells him to give her "all of it..... deeper!" Later at home, Mandy begins to have serious cramping. She tries to relieve them but to no avail. As she is looking in the mirror she notices her belly has grown right before her eyes! The pain is overwhelming after a time and she struggles to stay standing. The growth is quickly becoming more and more noticable. She calls the doctor in a panic. "I think the dr*g is doing some thing crazy!" She begs him to come help her at home. All of the reading she has done has her recognizing she has already begin labor pains! She draws a bath and prepares to give birth in the tub. The doctor arrives and is absolutely stunned, repeating 'Oh My God' over and over again, while assisting her in the delivery. INCLUDES: PREGNANCY FETISH-TRANSFORMATION-GROWTH FETISH-WOMEN FOLLOWING ORDERS-INTERNAL CUMMING-DAMSEL IN DISTRESS