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Mandy Sexbot

Added: 01/04/2020 l Length: 14:27 l



You are sitting on a couch and a guy that walks in and says he can control you with a magic remote control. You say that he is stupid and to out of here. He then presses a button on the remote and you instantly snap to attention with your arms by your sides and say "yes master, I am completely under your control" then you stand there with your mouth open. The camera then pans your body while you stand there concentrating on your lower half (ass and legs). He asks you a few questions about how you will obey him from now on. He then commands you to put your arms stiff out in front of you. After every command you say "yes master, I am completely under your control." He then has you slowly walk around the room with your arms up repeating "I am a slave and I must obey my master". He then has you stop and bend over and again the camera checks out your ass and legs, he rubs your ass and legs while telling you that you are now his slave and you respond saying "yes master I will obey all your commands". He then presses a button that turns you back to yourself and of course you are a bit upset and you complain, but then again he quickly put you back in your robot state. He then has you go on your knees and give him a blow job with your arms down by your sides at first then he has you put your arms straight out while sucking on his dick. Lastly he has you lie down with your ass up and arms back and fucks you while you repeat "I will obey". When he is done with you he has you sit back on the couch and presses a button that makes your body ridged with your legs out stiff and arms by your sides with your mouth wide open, he leaves you that way. INCLUDES:ROBOTS, FUCKING MACHINES, BLOW JOBS, FREEZE, EROTIC MAGIC, WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS