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Mistletoe Kiss Attack

Added: 12/15/2018 l Length: 14:27 l


(custom) Invited over to your house, I'm waiting for you to get ready. When suddenly you catch me off guard, and you shove me into a corner. You tell me to look up and then I notice the mistletoe. The second I look back down, BAM, you start your first kissing attack. dropping me to the ground, you keep kissing. After the attack, you give a tease with your short shorts (both front and rear view), even bending over in front of the camera. During the tease, you then dive down for a facesit attack. Followed by another kiss attack, another face and, and a final kiss attack. During the kisses, you wail, plaster, and pound me face with kisses. I try and get away, only to get yanked back into your kisses. For the final kiss attack, you show me what mistletoe really is for. Major, fast, hard aggressive kissing. Facesitting- you shove, grinding my face deep inside your pussy and ass...gripping my head with your thighs and you show no remorse. Even though you have shorts on, you still get my face rammed inside you. Mandy Flores INCLUDES: SMOTHER - LIPSTICK FETISH - KISSING - FACESITTING - POV - FEMDOM POV - LIPSTICK DOMINATION - ASS SMOTHER - PUSSY CONTROL - ASS WORSHIP - PUSSY WORSHIP - SHORT SHORTS - WEDGIES