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Morning Blue Balls

Added: 12/23/2017 l Length: 14:27 l



Another stroking orgasm denial game and this time the game is tougher. Lots of cash for me to win. $200 every time he has to stop stroking and each second counts as 1 penalty. Everytime he says 'please', its $100. If he cums, he will owe me since he doesn't have enough cash on hand for that penalty. I absolutely forbid him to cum and he only has $10,000 on hand and I plan to get most of it during this extreme tease and denial game. Even when he cleans up his precum, he must keep stroking or its $200 for each second he needs to stop stroking to keep from exploding. The precum is just pouring out and he's begging hard. 'Please' has always been his favorite word to scream out, he can't help it and he can't resist stroking hard and fast. Lots of edging...big payday for me this morning. Too much fun.