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Pixie Lust

Added: 10/08/2019 l Length: 14:27 l


Dr. Mandy has been working with Scientist Missa for months on a weight loss formula that will eliminate the need for calorie restriction. It's late at night and Mandy yawns, she's exhausted and discouraged. They've been testing on rats but testing is useless, it never gives good data that's relevant to humans. Missa waits until Mandy leaves and is in a deep rest. She creeps into the bedroom, she wants Mandy to be the human test subject! Missa winces as she hears the floor boards creak, she's certain she'll wake Mandy. She sprinkles the sparkling formula over Mandy's face and Mandy wakes! Mandy feels woozy, she sneezes, yawns, "Are we ready for another test?" I nod as I watch her intently, "how do you feel?" Mandy says she's fine, "a little sleepy," and she reaches for her coffee on the nightstand. Missa brings Mandy up to speed as Mandy's clothes begin to get larger. Mandy doesn't notice that she is shrinking, slowly, her coffee cup getting heavier, and heavier in her hand. Mandy's dress falls off one shoulder, and the coffee cup gets too heavy to hold, it crashes to the floor. Mandy looks up at Missa, "What did you do to me?" Missa looks over Mandy and grabs her notes, her eyes wide with excitement. "You're going to make me rich!" Mandy struggles with her body, she tries to keep her weight, her height, she is furious at Missa. Missa looks down at Mandy as her body gets smaller and smaller. Her bra and panties look huge on her teeny tiny frame. Her bra falls off, "Oh! I can see your little boobies," Missa can't help but leer at Mandy's gorgeous little breasts. Mandy is so hot when she's 3 feet tall, but what's this...? She's shrinking even more! Mandy's legs spread as her massive heels force her legs wide open. Mandy's voice is so cute when she's a shrunken woman! Mandy suddenly feels aroused, what an interesting side effect! Missa scribbles down notes as Mandy begins to moan. "Uhmm.. maybe you'd want to do that in private?" Mandy loses her inhibitions as she plays with her sopping wet pussy. She shrinks even more, sliding down into the heel. "Mandy?!" Missa calls out to her colleague, "Gosh.. Don't disappear!" Mandy rubs her perfect little pussy until her she begins to orgasm. Missa leans over the heel, she's got to see this! Mandy reaches ecstasy as her pussy juices run down her fingers, a pleasant afterglow overcomes her, "mmmm, so warm.. mmmm... I can feel it.. my skin.... my back.." Fairy wings sprout out of her skin, a flexible cartilage moves from her shouder blades. She looks behind her, her hair falls down, her cheeks flush, her lips turn rosy. She concentrates on moving her wings, fast, fast, faster! She begins to lift out of the heel! Missa looks in awe! She's incredible! She's... a.... fairy! Mandy begins to fly around the room, testing out her wings. She then dive-bombs her body towards Missa mischievously, she giggles as Missa dips out of the way. Mandy whispers in Missa's ear, "open the window, let me out!" Missa immediately rejects that idea, "I'm NOT losing my test subject." Mandy begins to buzz around the room faster, looking for an exit strategy, meanwhile Missa grabs an empty drinking glass and tries to catch Mandy. "Ooh! Gotcha! It's for your own good, honey, you'd be a splat on a windshield if I let you out."