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Schoolgirl Foot Bitch

Added: 10/20/2017 l Length: 14:27 l


This time you and Miss Ava dressed up as bratty schoolgirls where you totally humiliate and degrade your servant. Telling him he would get never girls like either of you, that he is too pathetic and that his cock is too small to ever please either of you... so you want him to worship your sweaty feet. He takes off each of your shoes and you make him press his nose up to your socks and inhale. You and Miss Ava make him sniff, kiss and lick your sock-covered feet and you rub them all over his face and on his cock, laughing as it gets hard from sweaty feet. Lots of bratty femdom verbal humiliation as you tell him how disgusting your socks smell and how a real man would never let bratty schoolgirls do this to him. Maybe finish with your servant pulling off one of your socks with his teeth to worship your pretty princess feet.”