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Sex Induced She Hulk

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Jennifer Walters has been taking her gamma pills to trigger her transformation. She knows the moment gamma radiation courses inside of her, it changes her into a fierce unstoppable goddess. It makes her capable of whatever she instinctively desires. Tonight she desires to share her secret alter-ego with her boyfriend, Peter. Peter sits on the edge of the bed as she sneaks into their bedroom. Jennifer mischievously puts her hands over Peter's eyes. "No peeking," she purrs as her soft feminine hands slide down his arms into his. Her touch feels foreign, electric, and it forces the muscles in his hand to stretch. She smiles at the power of her sexuality, she whisper in his ear, her lip grazes his earlobe. Goosebumps form on the back of his neck as he feels her warm breath exhale against his skin. Jennifer is unpredictably hot, and has Peter's utmost attention. She takes the pill from the bottle, swallows two, and immediately feels it asorb as it slides down her esophagus, into her stomach. Peter waits and listens to her. Her muscles begin to stretch, bulge, grow from her thin frame, she grows strong as her quad muscles busts the seams of her bluejeans. Peter hears the ripping and her breath panting and he grabs her thigh with concern, "it's okay," she answers his concern with labored breathing. Her touch is barely enough to soothe him as he continues to listen to her moan, her heart beats so strong that he can hear it through her chest. His eyes are wide open with intrigue and concern as he faces the wall, obediently obeying her previous instruction. Jennifer's stretches her spine to ease the tension in her back, her breasts are growing, her breasts rip through her bra and the buttons fly off of her pink blouse. She can feel her pussy throb under her ripped jeans, her muscles continue to grow inside of her body, her skin begins to feel hot, she sweats. Her heart pounds the gamma through her body, her skin turns green, perfectly in sequence to her heart's pounding. Jennifer's hazel eyes turn gamma green, the human shards of color disappear in her iris as she continues to transform. She is transforming into a new woman, she's no longer Jennifer, but she is The She Hulk. Jennifer's fingernails grow long, black, and claw like. She runs her claw across her pink pussy lips. Her feet begin to grow, bursting the shoes, and shiny black toe claws replace her nails. Her green toes stretch. The She Hulk is fierce, she is hot, she focuses within her to harness the rage, to transform it into pure, aggressive sexuality. Her pussy salivates as she looks at Peter with her lustful green eyes. "Take off my panties," she orders. He turns around as is taken back at her new look, his cock is hard and ready to obey her demand. She bites her pretty red lips, and wickedly smiles at his amazement, he tentatively removes her ripped, wet panties. "I want you inside of me," she says as she stares intently into his eyes. He unbuckles his belt and takes out his hard cock and presses it against her wet, tight pussy. She helps ease him inside of her, and he thrusts overtop of her. She moans looking at his face, his mouth opens in shock, the new feeling of her muscular wet pussy squeezing his dick takes the breath out of his lungs, he thrusts faster, eagerly wanting to explore deep inside of her. She moves over top of him, she rides him, her juices run down his shaft, "I want to cum," she orders. He can't speak, only nod, as he lets her ride him, her gorgeous green globes bounce above him, he looks at her pink nipples as they sway with his thrusts. They cum together. He satisfies her, and she feels her heart slow back down to mortal speed, she begins to transform into Jennifer again.